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Continuous risk assessment of endpoints or a one-time audit?

Are you up to speed with your cybersecurity?

Do you really know, in real-time, who is hooked onto your network? Do you have full control of the entire network and all its components, as well as all the devices that need to connect to it? Are all the users keeping their devices secure and free of ransomware?

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The New Normal: Today’s Anytime, Anywhere, Means Companies Need a Different Kind of NAC

Data security – it’s been in the news all summer, mixed up with the upcoming U.S. presidential elections. High profile stories included the infiltration of Hilary Clinton’s campaign, as well as a cyber attack on the computer systems of Donald Trump and Republican Party organizations.

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Your VPN is Only as Strong as its Least Secure Endpoint

If you are like most companies, your corporate VPN is a critical part of your infrastructure—and it’s getting a heck of a workout. Thirty-seven percent of all workers in the U.S. now telecommute. Even if your workers are in a more traditional office, many of your employees will be traveling at any given moment. You might even have remote offices in other countries. With so many remote workers taking up bandwidth on your VPN, how do you audit their devices?

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How to Set up a Successful NAC Project

If you can’t beat them, join them. At least when it comes to employees bringing their own device onto the network or IoT (Internet Of Things) devices on the network. In this piece we detail six typical generic steps network administrators can take to ensure a fast and effective installation of their NAC (Network Admission Control or Network Access Control) project. However, the order of these steps will depend on the individual project, so remember to adjust your process accordingly.

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Protecting Operational Healthcare Technology

Despite increased awareness of the need to secure electronic health records, cybercriminals are still finding a way to access sensitive patient records.

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Wireless Guest Network in less than 10 seconds

We’re happy to announce the production readiness of our new and innovative capabilities: a cloud-based Guest Network with a highly customizable CLEAR Captive Portal.

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Top Tools for Network Administrators: How many of them are you using?

A network administrator can only be as strong as her toolbox. Every day, an admin faces a myriad of network problems, big and small. To efficiently solve a problem, an admin needs a “toolbox” of programs and solutions that can time and time again handle troubleshooting, monitoring, passwords glitches, IP allocations and any situation that can slow employee progress.

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Network Admins: How Many of These 5 Morning Rituals Do You Follow?

Mornings can be rough. If you’re a network administrator, the beginning of a day can be particularly difficult.

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Network Visibility: How Can You Protect Something That You Do Not Know Exists? (Part 3)

This is the third post in the series about  Network Access Control (NAC) is and why it is a central element to keeping enterprise environments protected.

Network visibility or endpoint visibility, is the essence of cybersecurity. How can you protect something that you don’t know exists? How can you identify the weakest links in your network when you don’t know what they are? 

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We Love LDWin and Believe You Will Love It, Too

Are you frustrated by your network mess? Ever wonder where a network cable goes once it joins a tangle of other cables that run behind a heavy, dusty piece of storage equipment that no one dares touch?

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